• Fully insulated casing for energy efficiency and durability
  • Stainless steel trough with unique wrap around edge to protect against animal abuse
  • Center valve chamber featuring a flip-top cover for easy access to valve and float
  • Easy install on either side of alleyways
  • Overall, thermostatically controlled heat protection for use in all climates
  • Large access panel for easy maintenance
  • Large drain plug and recessed drain feature to allow for fast and complete draining when cleaning

Omnimaster 8

Durably designed with a fully insulated casing and a unique wrap around stainless steel trough. Thermostatically controlled heat coverage and fast refill valve will provide fresh, clean water even in the harshest winters. Newly designed, built-in high capacity drain maintains clean drinking environment.

  • Length IN/CM: 96/243.84
  • Width IN/CM: 24/60.96
  • Overall Height IN/CM: 30/76.2
  • Drinking Height IN/CM: 24/60.96
  • Capacity GAL/LITER: 53/200.63

Beef 360
Dairy 180