What to Know Before Buying a Stump Cutter

A stump is shredded with stump cutter removal, grinding the stumps and roots into small chips

If you own a professional landscaping business, need to clear out trees to make room for more farmland, or just need a simple solution for getting rid of old stumps on your property, stump cutters can come in handy. In this stump cutter buying guide, find out what to know when buying a stump cutter.   

Before buying a stump cutter, it’s important to know that there are different kinds to choose from. 


Types of Stump Cutters 

Wheeled Handlebar   

Wheeled handlebar stump cutters stand out for their compact size. This type of stump cutter is ideal for removing stumps from hard-to-reach spots, like a stump up against a house or one in between several other trees. Handlebar stump cutters are known for being easy to maneuver and often come with handles that make transport easier.   

Riding Stump Cutters 

Riding stump cutters function just like riding lawnmowers. They provide increased mobility but aren’t useful in all situations due to their large size. As a result, stumps on hillsides or in hard-to-reach areas would be difficult to access with riding stump cutters.   

Tow-Behind Cutters   

Tow-behind stump cutters need to be attached to a hitch to be put to use. These stump cutters come with more power and are useful for larger operations like a full-scale landscaping service or tree care company.   

Cutting Wheel Specifications  

It’s important to research cutting wheel specifications before making a purchase. Not all wheels are the same, and different features like cutting depth and size are more useful for certain applications than others.  

To find out if you will be able to achieve your target cutting depth, look at the wheel’s safety guard design, the angle of the axle, and how far the axle is from where the cutting wheel is mounted.   


Using Your Stump Cutter 

When buying a stump cutter, it’s essential to consider your intended usage. No buying guide can give you one universal recommendation that will work for all stumps. Here are some factors that can affect what kind of stump cutter you should buy:   

Stump Age  

Consider whether you’ll be mainly cutting old, dried-out stumps or newer, healthy stumps. Fresh tree stumps are denser and more difficult to grind, requiring stump cutters with more power.   

Number of Stumps 

Note how many stumps you expect to remove each time you use your stump cutter. If you’ll only be using it to get rid of one or two stumps at a time, a basic handlebar machine should suffice. If you’ll be removing upwards of 10 stumps with each job, a larger machine with more power would be better.   

Typical Terrain 

Finally, think about the typical terrain in the areas where you’ll regularly be removing stumps. If you often work with uneven terrain or slopes, look for tracked stump cutters for increased safety. Wheeled stump grinders are better for getting through tight spots but are not ideal for sloped areas.   


Choose a Quality Stump Cutter from Carlson Wholesale 

Once you’ve done your research with stump cutter buying guides and what to know when buying stump cutters, it’s important to find a trustworthy retailer that you can rely on. Carlson Wholesale offers compact and portable stump cutters from MacKissic that get the job done. Contact us today to learn more. 

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