How to Choose the Proper Calf Pens

Three young calves in a calf pen

There are four principles for good calf pen management: comfortability, low health risk, the opportunity for seclusion, and convenience. A pen needs to be comfortable so there’s a lower level of stress for the dam. Low health risk, the opportunity for seclusion, and convenience all have their obvious benefits. The old way of bringing calves to a clean, dry pasture,

Ceiling Fans vs Turbines | Which is Right for Me?

Industrial turbine fans behind caged gate.

Maintaining good air movement in your space helps prevent the buildup of moisture on roofing materials and rafters. This is essential at all times of the year. In the summertime, air movement will prevent too much heat from accumulating, and keeping your space or attic cool in the winter helps prevent ice dams from forming. While many older buildings use