Ceiling Fans vs Turbines | Which is Right for Me?

Industrial turbine fans behind caged gate.

Maintaining good air movement in your space helps prevent the buildup of moisture on roofing materials and rafters. This is essential at all times of the year. In the summertime, air movement will prevent too much heat from accumulating, and keeping your space or attic cool in the winter helps prevent ice dams from forming. While many older buildings use vents or screened windows to maintain airflow, most modern constructions use one of two things: an electric fan or a turbine. But which one is best for your space?


Wind-Driven Turbine Ventilators

Typically installed close to the roof’s peak, or ridge, turbine fans use only the natural power of the wind to rotate. When wind rotates the fan blade, the air is pulled out through the turbine and replaced with the cooler exterior air. Angled slits cut into a capped cylinder create a fan blade powering air movement throughout the attic. The catch is that these turbines only work when the wind blows. This leaves several obvious problems on less blustery days, but in the right environment, a turbine can be cost-saving and efficient.


HVLS Ceiling Fans

HVLS fans, or High-Volume Low-Speed fans, slowly distribute large amounts of air with low rotational speed, hence the name. Using the electric current onsite, electric-powered fans pull air through the space. Many are controlled by a thermostat to cut down on electrical costs. This thermostat will detect the temperature in your space and will only power the fan when it rises above a set level. The same thermostat will also shut the fan off in the case of emergencies, preventing the fan from feeding a fire.


Determining What Fan is Right for Your Space

There’s no one-size-fits-all ventilation system—it depends on the space being considered. If there’s a lot of wind in your area, you could invest in a turbine, as well as a small ceiling fan for the days when it’s less blustery. If you have any further fan-related questions, contact the experts at Carlson Wholesale. With a whole suite of fans and turbines from different suppliers, we can help you find the right system for your space. Contact Carlson Wholesale today!

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