Best Practices for Calf Housing

Black and white calf on a green meadow

Your Guide to Calf Housing Systems

Are you trying to raise profitable cattle?

Thousands of Americans do it every year, hoping to turn a profit on their investment. But if you’re new or just looking to maximize your earnings, then you may need a helpful guide. What if you could guarantee that each calf in your herd would grow up to be healthy and valuable?

With the proper calf housing systems, you can guarantee that your herd will have the best chances at turning a profit in the future. Cattle rely on good living conditions to prosper, meaning that you’ll need to meet specific criteria for your calves to grow up happy and healthy.

Adequate Space

Growing healthy calves requires a good calf house to get started. Perhaps you’re planning a new addition to your farm or starting from scratch. Either way, the basic principles are the same concerning your cattle. Your calves require a great deal of space for living, which directly impacts how profitable they will become. Most experts recommend providing each calf with 24 to 32 square feet of living space in your units. This amount of space will allow each calf to grow up into a good resource.

Without adequate space, your cows will suffer from spreading diseases and hormone-altering stress levels. Not only will the quality of your cattle suffer, but you also may be subject to fines and penalties associated with your state’s animal welfare laws.


People often neglect proper ventilation, but your ventilation is responsible for dispersing moisture buildup and excess odor. In addition, ventilation aids in getting rid of harmful pathogens and toxic gases that will adversely affect your cattle.

Be sure to invest in a sound ventilation system. If space is not a consideration, then you may opt for an electrical-based system. We recommend wind-driven roof exhaust fans. Natural turbines have many advantages over their competitors, including virtually no downtime, little reparation costs, and enhanced reliability.

Food and Water

Finally, we need to consider food and water. Your calves will only be as good as what you feed them. Naturally, you’ll need adequate feed space when designing the optimal living space. Also, be sure to include a source of frost-proof water for your cattle. With these last conditions met, you are on your way to constructing a perfect calf housing system for your farm.

Want more help designing your housing systems? Carlson Wholesale offers a range of products for the profitable farmer, including fans and turbines, drinking systems, calf pens, and more. Contact us today to get started.