Does Your Workshop Need an Air King M-30 Air Cleaner?

A side view image of an industrial cow milking machine at a modern dairy farm.

With so many solutions for shop ventilation, you need to know which piece of farm equipment is right for you. Some workshops can drastically improve their air quality with an industrial air cleaner, but there are multiple options, including a wall exhaust fan, roof exhaust fan, and even a barn air turbine.

Finding an Industrial Air Cleaner

In this post, we’ll briefly cover each piece of equipment that can improve your barn air quality and explain why we think an industrial air cleaner is suitable for your workshop.

Types of Equipment

Like we mentioned earlier, it can be challenging to select the right product with so many pieces of ag equipment on the market. The best way to know which solutions may work for you is to understand each product clearly.

  • Circulation Fans – Circulation fans are perhaps the most recognizable piece of agriculture equipment you’ll see sued in barns and shops. These fans have long blades that spin to move large volumes of air at low speeds. When suspended from the ceiling of your workspace, you’ll see air quality improve.
  • Exhaust Fans – Exhaust fans use a similar method to circulation fans. These fans also use spinning blades, but the air is drawn into the fan and vented outside your workshop. These exhaust fans exist either in a wall exhaust fan or roof exhaust fan. When workshop or barn air quality can only improve by ridding the area of contaminated air, exhaust fans are the perfect solution.
  • Air Turbines – Turbines can also move contaminated air like exhaust fans. This piece of farm equipment is attached to the top of your roof. When the wind picks up, a barn air turbine spins and causes the air inside your workspace to dissipate. Turbines aren’t limited to wind, however. Some turbines come equipped with electric motors, which can be activated during periods of low wind.
  • Industrial Air Cleaners – An industrial air cleaner has a unique way of purifying the air. It draws air into a series of filters, ridding the air of harmful toxins. The air then flows out and back into your space. This method can save thousands of dollars per year on energy costs.

Benefits of the Air King M-30

If you’re looking for the best equipment, we believe the Air King M-30 offers the most shop and barn air quality benefits. The primary reason is that industrial air cleaners are more energy conscious than traditional industrial ventilators. The Air King can handle any special ventilation needs, all without sacrificing the heat you’ve generated. While other solutions will have you constantly pumping in new air and heating it, the M-30 allows you to keep your original heated air while removing harmful pollutants.

If you’re looking for the best air cleaner for every industry, consider the Air King M-30 from Carlson Wholesale. Not sure what you need? Contact our supportive and knowledgeable staff for help.

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