Nutrient Requirements for Cattle | Keeping Your Herd Healthy

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Nutrition plays a vital role in raising livestock. The nutrient requirements for cattle improve fertility, prevent disease, and increase the quality of your farm’s product. There are several important nutrients to trackā€”the experts at Carlson Wholesale have your comprehensive guide.

Nutrient Requirements for Every Herd

All cows have some shared nutrient requirements, whether you’re raising dairy or beef cattle. Every farmer needs to optimize nutrition for:

  • Water
  • Protein intake
  • Vitamins and minerals


Water is the most critical nutrient for raising cattle. Poor quality in this department can adversely affect tissue growth and milk production. In some cases, contaminated water can lead to death just hours after exposure. To maximize herd health, you should monitor your water for salinity, alkalinity, nitrates, and algae levels.

Protein Intake

Protein is another critical nutrient for cows. While most farmers know protein’s effect on growth, they often forget about the impact of protein on reproduction. Inadequate levels of this nutrient will lead to problems with fertility and gestation. Maximizing protein will reduce your herd’s infertility rates and complications during pregnancy.

Vitamins and Minerals

There are dozens of vitamins and minerals essential to herd health. Vitamins like B12 and minerals like selenium will affect fertility and production. However, deficiencies in this area will most affect your herd’s resistance to disease. Without the proper vitamin and mineral intake, your cattle are more likely to suffer from respiratory disease, lameness, and scours.

Essential Ingredients for Beef Cattle

If you’re raising cattle for beef, your most crucial nutrient should be protein. Protein is a critical nutrient for growth, and optimizing your herd’s intake will produce a more profitable beef harvest each season.

Special Requirements for Dairy Cows

The most important nutrient for dairy cattle is water. Inadequate water intake will limit the amount of milk your dairy cows produce. You’ll need to place the right amount of drinking systems in the correct locations and ensure they have the capacity to satisfy your herd.

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