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A coyote in Canada

Caring for livestock requires the consideration of many aspects, like nutrition, routine vaccinations, and heat control. One of these aspects, which can often go overlooked, is herd safety. With so many threats to livestock safety coming from within the herd, it can be easy to forget about outside threats. Anyone who works a farm can tell you about livestock predators. If left unchecked, predators like wolves, coyotes, and cougars can be detrimental to the safety and security of livestock.


With so many potential threats, farmers often wonder what tangible measures they should take to promote livestock health and safety. For those wondering what to prioritize, proper fencing is a great place to start improving herd safety.


Proper Fencing for Livestock Safety

When people think of fencing, they often only consider the function of keeping animals from getting out. But if you choose the proper fencing, fences also keep predators from getting in. There are plenty of ways to increase the security of your fences, like introducing mesh around your property or motion-activated light and alarms. If predators are a common issue for you, you can also invest in a high-quality electric fence to do the job.


An electric fence will administer a hearty shock, which you can select based on which predators are common in your area. If you have troublesome predators that slip through wire fencing, you can also administer the charge through a mesh fence. This solution doesn’t require much maintenance and is an affordable way to increase your herd’s protection.


The key to a reliable electric fence is a reliable fence charger. Cyclops Fence Chargers complete your electric fence while offering the strongest line, battery, and solar-operated chargers built in the US. With complete technical support and repair, you can ward away livestock predators and increase livestock safety.

Working with Carlson Wholesale

Carlson Wholesale will work with you to find the right fence charger for your animals. Our team will evaluate your needs and offer the expertise to help you decide on a fence charger. To get your questions answered, contact us today and let one of our associates help you increase herd safety.

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