The Benefits of The Air King M-30 Industrial Air Cleaner

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If you work in any industry where fumes are a concern, then you’ll no doubt have heard of industrial air cleaners. Air cleaners pull air through a series of filters eliminating powder, dust, fumes, and other contaminants before passing the air back into your workspace. Several industries rely on this technology, including welding, grinding, printing, and manufacturing.

What is the Air King M-30?

What makes this piece of industrial equipment so special? For one, this method of industrial air cleaning doesn’t require extensive ductwork. You can easily install the M-30 without an overhaul of your space. Because this piece of industrial equipment is self-contained, it’s easier to install, maintain, and relocate as needed.

An Air King air cleaner has all the benefits of a more extensive system without any drawbacks. This fact improves indoor air quality, makes safer employees, and increases heating and air conditioning savings.

Why Winter is the Time to Upgrade

Maintaining warmer temperatures in your space becomes more complex as temperatures drop. Air is constantly pumped into your area with a conventional system, becomes contaminated, and then gets pumped out. But when warm air is pumped out, new air needs to be heated again to keep your employees warm.

Proper air cleaning like you’ll gain from the Air King utilizes air filtering. Because air is being recycled, you won’t lose the warmth you’ve used energy to make. Rather than umping out warm contaminated air, you’ll instead use the air cleaner to remove harmful pollutants and pump clean air back into the shop.

Winter is the perfect time to upgrade because that’s when you’ll save the most by switching to an enclosed system. With the power of air filtering, you can save hundreds every year by recirculating warm air throughout your space.

Who Can Use the M-30?

The M-30 helps organizations in multiple industries. We use it to help welders dealing with smoke and fumes, grinders trying to mitigate harmful dust, and even diesel workers who need to avoid dangerous mist. There are fewer limitations to the Air King, mainly because it can be configured to your individual needs.

If the Air King sounds like your ideal solution for industrial safety and air quality, contact Carlson Wholesale to learn more about what we can do for you.

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