The Importance of Hoof Care for Cattle

Dairy cows on a farm

Caring for your herd is only one aspect of running a profitable farm, but it’s also one of the most vital parts. As you prepare your cattle for the long winter, make sure you’re not overlooking the importance of hoof care.

Why Cattle Hoof Care Matters

It’s easy to forget about hoof care for cows, especially if you’re dealing with other herd health issues. Punctures, ulcers, abscesses, lacerations, and laminitis might take all your attention, but it’s important to make time to prioritize proper hoof care.

If hoof issues are left untreated or go undiagnosed, lameness can occur. Lameness in cattle includes any injury to the cattle that limits or inhibits the cow’s movement. Often, lameness affects the growth and health of the animal.

Hoof care also supports herd health by preventing and diagnosing diseases, like hoof and mouth disease. These diseases can spread throughout your farm, affecting the rest of your animals and eating into your profits.

To keep your cows healthy and productive, take the proper amount of time to administer hoof care for your cows.

Spotting Hoof Care Issues

Keep an eye out for oddities or irregularities by regularly inspecting the hooves of your cattle. This can seem time-consuming, but the alternative is worse.

Luckily, these guides showcase changes in a cow’s stance that may reveal hoof issues. One of the biggest indicators that something is wrong is if a cow displays walking imbalances.

Caring for Your Herd’s Hooves

While diagnosing potential issues, it’s important to minimize any risk to the rest of the herd. Adding preventative care to your herd maintenance routine will help keep hoof issues from spreading throughout your livestock.

Properly trimming the hooves of your cattle sets your herd up for success by reducing the risk of lesions. If you have experience, you can handle your herd’s hoof trimming personally, or you can outsource to a trained professional.

If you find an indicator of a larger issue or diseases like hoof rot or digital dermatitis during preventative hoof care, it’s time to call the vet and take steps to return the animal to full health.

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