Why Buy Calf Ventilation Systems for Your Barn

Young calf in a nursery for cows in a dairy farm. Newborn animal close up

Do You Need Fresh Air?

Have you ever wondered why you should spend money on calf ventilation systems?

Calf ventilation systems include fans, turbines, and in some cases auxiliary systems. Knowing which system is right for you is important, but some people wonder why they need a system at all. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of benefits that calf barn ventilation has, and what you can do to diagnose your own airflow.

Fresh Air for Development

Fresh air is essential for cows. It can make a huge impact on their overall health while developing. Cows are prone to respiratory ailments, and respiratory diseases can affect milk production and beef quality. Cattle that breathe healthier air will not only be healthier, but more profitable. But how can air have such a drastic impact on your cows’ quality of life?

Heat, Moisture, and More

Firstly, airflow is incredibly important for venting excess heat. Overheated cows are unhealthy cows, and there are many ways that this can be detrimental to their health. Cows in hot conditions produce less milk per cow, which means they make less money for your farm. Calf barn ventilation is also critical to managing stress, which can cause your livestock to eat less and become sick.

Excess moisture can also become a problem for your livestock. Calf ventilation systems are helpful for mitigating excess humidity. Cows can become heat-stressed if the humidity rises too high in your barns. What’s more frightening is that highly productive cows tend to eat more and generate excess heat, meaning that a maximally efficient farm will have plenty of hot spots around the facility.

Finally, ventilation systems are good for removing toxins and airborne pathogens.  Calf ventilation systems help control the air quality within a barn. Cows produce a lot of methane gas, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide – all of which can affect a cow’s health. These noxious gasses can make the animals sick, lowering the quality and output of your product. And the spread of illness is also a factor. Cows are social animals, so if they are sick, you can expect that illnesses will spread through the air quickly if the air is not properly dispersed.

Diagnosing Airflow

There are a few ways to identify if your airflow needs work. The best thing you can do is work with a professional. Calf barn ventilation is reliant upon the best equipment to disperse harmful air and provide your calves with clean oxygen. If you need an airflow upgrade, contact Carlson Wholesale today and get started on the path to more productive farms and healthier cattle.