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Dairy cows on a farm.

It’s no surprise that cows need a lot of water. On average, a cow can draw three to five gallons per minute. This water intake supports cattle’s digestion, excretion, growth, and lactation. However, when winter arrives, water lines can freeze and leave your operation scrambling to keep up. For the colder seasons, especially in Minnesota, winterized water systems are crucial.

Livestock Hydration Basics

Like we said before, livestock hydration is critical for your operation. When the flow of drinking water freezes, you’ll see a negative effect on your herd. The problem doesn’t stop at unfreezing the lines because cattle also prefer drinking water at a specific temperature.

Your cows will prefer water anywhere from 40 to 65 degrees. If you can’t adequately warm the water you supply, you’ll see the same effects as if you had a frozen line. You might only be thinking about fully grown cattle, but you’ll also need to prioritize your calf watering systems as well.

If you’re dealing with calves, then drinking water is especially important. Because calves need an adequate supply of water to grow, you’ll need to ensure you are winterizing calf waterers first and foremost. Luckily for farms in colder climates, many water heating systems are available.

Tools for Winterized Irrigation

There are a few solutions for winterized water, like heated buckets, tank heaters, and waterer heating elements, but the most effective solutions are winterized livestock watering systems. These systems integrate a heating element to supply a constant stream of heated water to your herd.

Even if you choose to use livestock watering systems, you may struggle to find the perfect solution for your farm. These products include specifications for herd size, pen orientation, ease of use, and more. How can you be sure that you’re making the right choice?

Livestock Watering Systems from Carlson Wholesale

Carlson Wholesale offers Ritchie Drinking Systems for every situation. With a Ritchie automatic waterer, you can know that your product boasts the highest quality in the industry.

Plus, when you need help deciding which solution is best for you, you can rely on our help. Contact us for assistance with your decision and get your winterized livestock watering system from a local business.

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