How Proper Calf Pen Cleaning Keeps Your Herd Safe

Young woman standing next to metal calf pen with brown and black calves.

Facility maintenance is one of the most important parts of raising cattle. That doesn’t just mean repairing your barn and pens. To keep your herd safe, regular cleaning is also essential. This is especially true when it comes to cleaning calf pens. Read on to find out the importance of cleaning calf pens and a few key tips for raising

What to Know Before Buying a Stump Cutter

A stump is shredded with stump cutter removal, grinding the stumps and roots into small chips

If you own a professional landscaping business, need to clear out trees to make room for more farmland, or just need a simple solution for getting rid of old stumps on your property, stump cutters can come in handy. In this stump cutter buying guide, find out what to know when buying a stump cutter.    Before buying a stump cutter,

The Best Homesteading Equipment to Buy in 2023

Father constructing roof on a homestead

Homesteading is a lifestyle that requires not only hard work but also the right tools and equipment. Whether you’re a seasoned homesteader or just starting out, having the right tools can make all the difference in achieving your goals. Finding New Homesteading Equipment With the new year in full swing, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your homesteading setup. Whether

How to Choose the Right Water Troughs

Picture of the Ritchie Drinking System Genesis GC-2

If you’re raising livestock, then you know the importance of water. Every animal from cattle and horses to chickens and goats need a constant, fresh supply. Fresh water is critical for their health and wellbeing, and the right water trough can make all the difference in keeping them hydrated. However, choosing the right water trough is no easy task. There

What to Know About Electric Fencing in Winter

Fence in the winter

There are plenty of winter maintenance tasks to perform inside your barn, from ensuring proper insulation to maintaining ventilation to keep your livestock warm and healthy when cold weather hits. It’s important to keep up with outdoor winter maintenance, too, like optimizing your electric fencing for the winter months. Electric Fencing in Winter Winter weather can cause a wide variety

How Proper Barn Ventilation Keep Your Livestock Safe During Winter

Industrial fan controlling temperature in modern agro cowshed close up.

Ceiling fans are probably a central part of your ventilation plans during the warmer months, but they also play an important role in barn ventilation in winter. Cold winter weather poses unique challenges to airflow for livestock. Address these issues by utilizing ceiling fans and turbines to keep your animals safe. Improving Airflow for Livestock Barn ventilation plays an important

Protecting Your Herd From Winter Hazards

Cows walking on a snowy field in winter

Farmers know that each season brings unique challenges. Winter can be a difficult time for agricultural practices, requiring plenty of preparation and thinking ahead to protect the farm. Livestock face several winter health hazards. The first step toward protecting your herd is determining what the most important dangers are during winter. Winter Cattle Hazards Between snow, freezing temperatures, and storms,

Why Ritchie Cattle Drinking Systems are Best for Winter

Image of a Ritchie Drinking System

Preparing your farm and livestock for winter isn’t just about focusing on the direct effects of winter storms and extreme temperatures. While it’s essential to make sure your herd has proper shelter from cold weather to prevent injuries, frostbite, and illness, there are other steps you can take to keep your cows healthy. It’s easy to overlook hydration during winter,

Nutrient Requirements for Cattle | Keeping Your Herd Healthy

Cows standing in a stall and eating hay

Nutrition plays a vital role in raising livestock. The nutrient requirements for cattle improve fertility, prevent disease, and increase the quality of your farm’s product. There are several important nutrients to track—the experts at Carlson Wholesale have your comprehensive guide. Nutrient Requirements for Every Herd All cows have some shared nutrient requirements, whether you’re raising dairy or beef cattle. Every

What to Know About Cattle Hydration and Drinking Systems

Milk cow drinking water in a modern farm close up

Water is one of the most important nutrients for your livestock, and providing fresh, clean water for your cattle will keep them healthy, active, and happy. The best way to ensure your cattle have plenty of easily accessible water is to invest in an automatic waterer, like the ones from your local agricultural supplier. However, before you choose the waterer