Protect Livestock from Predators with Fencing | Increase Livestock Safety

A coyote in Canada

Caring for livestock requires the consideration of many aspects, like nutrition, routine vaccinations, and heat control. One of these aspects, which can often go overlooked, is herd safety. With so many threats to livestock safety coming from within the herd, it can be easy to forget about outside threats. Anyone who works a farm can tell you about livestock predators.

How to Select the Best Woodchipper for Your Needs | Carlson Wholesale

A woodchipper at work

It can be difficult to select the best woodchipper for your needs. With so many choices on the market, there are plenty of options for size, cost, and ease of use. Before you commit to a purchase, you should know what distinguishes one product from another. Industrial woodchippers vary primarily in size, material, and cost. Consider your needs for a

Reduce Heat Stress in Cattle | Preparing for Summer Heat

Brown cow in a dry pasture

Those who work with cattle know how many things affect production. Farmers across the country are constantly battling to keep their cows happy and the profits steady. Every cattle owner knows about heat stress, and how it can quickly affect your livestock and wreak havoc on your herd.   What is Heat Stress in Cattle Treatment? Heat stress in cattle

Which Fence Charger is Right for Your Animals? | Carlson Wholesale

Boy beside a field with cows

You can find an electric fence on thousands of farms and ranches across the country. Whether it’s an electric fence for cattle, or simply to ward away pests, the right charger can save you time, money, and energy. It can be difficulty to know which electric fence charger is right for your needs, but you can follow this guide to

The Benefits of Group Housing for Older Calves

Calves eat together in a summer pasture.

For a long time, it was tradition to keep older calves separated rather than housed together in groups. However, this is very labor-intensive and can make it more difficult to efficiently feed and observe the calves. Group housing for older calves is a natural, cost-effective solution that can provide early social interaction for your calves, as well as a variety

Preparing Livestock and Homesteading Equipment for Spring

Tractor in spring tilling weedy field.

Spring is here! The days are longer, and everything—besides all the rain—seems brighter! However, with spring comes lots of maintenance around the farm. You never know what can happen to your equipment during winter, and bypassing important inspections could cause future problems that reduce your productivity and efficiency. How do you ready your heavy equipment and machines for spring? This

Winterize Your Watering Systems to Keep Livestock Healthy | Carlson

Dairy cows on a farm.

It’s no surprise that cows need a lot of water. On average, a cow can draw three to five gallons per minute. This water intake supports cattle’s digestion, excretion, growth, and lactation. However, when winter arrives, water lines can freeze and leave your operation scrambling to keep up. For the colder seasons, especially in Minnesota, winterized water systems are crucial.

Benefits of Proper Air Ventilation While Welding | Carlson Wholesale

A worker welding in a factory.

Welding can pose serious risks, both for workers and the business owner. With constant exposure to toxic metals, it’s vital to have welding ventilation systems. Proper exhaust ventilation can keep your workers healthy and reduce your shop’s liability. The Need for Welding Ventilation Welders work in dangerous conditions. Weld fumes rising from their work can lead to many diseases. The

Does Your Workshop Need an Air King M-30 Air Cleaner?

A side view image of an industrial cow milking machine at a modern dairy farm.

With so many solutions for shop ventilation, you need to know which piece of farm equipment is right for you. Some workshops can drastically improve their air quality with an industrial air cleaner, but there are multiple options, including a wall exhaust fan, roof exhaust fan, and even a barn air turbine. Finding an Industrial Air Cleaner In this post,

Managing Water in the Winter for Your Livestock

Multiple cows in a barn in winter.

Farmers must solve many challenges involving water in the winter months. These challenges usually involve freezing or broken pipes, coupled with inadequate livestock water troughs. Supplying livestock water during frigid temperatures can prove challenging. To provide healthy cows with their recommended daily water intake, you’ll need reliable livestock watering systems. Diagnosing Winter Water Issues If you’re wondering how to improve