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It can be difficult to select the best woodchipper for your needs. With so many choices on the market, there are plenty of options for size, cost, and ease of use. Before you commit to a purchase, you should know what distinguishes one product from another. Industrial woodchippers vary primarily in size, material, and cost. Consider your needs for a woodchipper and refer to the categories in this blog before you choose one.

Evaluating Woodchipper Size

Size is one of the first things you should consider before finding a woodchipper for sale. For frequent yard work, small tree limbs, and moderate landscaping, it might be better to opt for a small woodchipper. Smaller woodchippers are still powerful enough to handle plenty of jobs, but they won’t blow up your budget.


As jobs get tougher, there are larger commercial woodchippers available. Keep in mind that larger chippers will be much heavier. While it can be easy to move a small machine around your yard, industrial machines can weigh upwards of 300 pounds and require some heavy pulling.

Considering the Type of Material

You also need to consider the type of material you’ll be placing in your small woodchipper. All woodchippers have a “chipping capacity,” which determines the maximum diameter of the material you can place in the machine. For anything above four inches, you may need to acquire an industrial woodchipper, which has several benefits over smaller chippers.


Smaller materials will of course require less horsepower, saving you money at the store. A good rule of thumb is to estimate your needs based on what type of jobs you typically tackle. Landscape clippings and small twigs will be an easy job for any high-quality small woodchipper. If you will be regularly throwing plenty of hefty branches into the chipper, then you need something on the higher end of power.

Finding the Best Woodchipper Cost

Woodchipper costs can vary, but we recommend prioritizing quality first. The cost will differ across sellers, so it’s best to work with the staff at your store to best allocate your budget. If the initial investment of a chipper sounds too high for how often you intend to use it, make sure to check your area for potential rental companies.

Finding a Woodchipper for Sale

Carlson Wholesale offers chippers, shredders, blowers, and more. When you need help finding the perfect product for your needs, you can rely on our staff to guide you. Contact us now to find the best woodchipper for sale, and benefit from our outstanding customer service.

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